Tech For The Blind

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This module equips the blind with IT skills to empower them to partake fully in this technological era. Equipping the blind with skills to use computers will enable them to connect with their friends, families and the world through the use of social media. It will empower them to pursue higher education without any hindrance.

In Ghana, while the technology is available to train visually impaired persons to use computers and smartphones, there is a lack of personnel to do this training. Due to this gap, most visually impaired persons are left behind in the technological world. Akropong School for the Blind was the first out of the two blind to be established in Ghana. It was established in 1945 in Akropong and has a population of about 400 students. While the school is equipped with a computer lab, it only has two IT instructors assigned to over 400 students –  a virtually impossible task.

Tech Era recruits college students, and trains them to assist the two IT instructors in the school to teach the visually impaired both blind and sighted, and the school’s students on how to use the technologies for the visually impaired. 

This team is led by Ethel Adongo, our communications specialist. The team has recruited 16 collge students from Ashesi University College who have volunteered to teach the students in Akropong School for the Blind