Tech For The Blind

This module equips the blind with IT skills to empower them to partake fully in this technological era. Equipping the blind with skills to use computers will enable them to connect with their friends, families and the world through the use of social media. It will empower them to pursue higher education without any hindrance. (more…)

Tech Module

The Tech Module provides tutorials to¬†students from underserved communities in IT by introducing them to use of Microsoft office application like word application, paint application, power point and excel. They also learn to use search engines and learn how to communicate using the internet. Students who exhibit high interest and progress are introduced to our robotics program. (more…)

Tech Era Robotics Clubs

This module trains senior high school students especially in Technical schools in Ghana to developing problem solving skills, critical thinking skills and programming skills to complement with their school work to drive innovations and equip them to solve problems in Africa, and develop students interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. (more…)