First Tech-Era Guided Robotics Club Launched In ATTC

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We, at Tech-Era, have always sought for nation-wide impact and although most of our current activities are restricted to Berekuso and its surrounding areas, we just took a step to realize the sought-after impact.

The Tech-Era robotics club, the first of the 12 the organization will be establishing over time and throughout Ghana, was launched in Accra on the 7th of October 2017 at the Accra Technical Training College (ATTC), Ghana.

Club activities will be facilitated and guided by a team of tutors from the robotics phase in Tech-Era, who will be making bi-weekly trips to the institution. However, the established club will be led by a student of the ATTC, George Sarfo Addo, who, being a former beneficiary of Tech-Era, went through both the Tech and Robotics modules. [Find an article on George here]. The club will be meeting on select days every week.

The club will massively impact the lives of all the students involved; It should be able to incite critical thinking abilities and inspire and encourage innovation in the student body. According to Kojo Anyinam, [find an article on Kojo here] the project lead and head of the Robotics module in Tech-Era, the project team sees the club participating and performing well in annual national and global robotics competitions (an end they currently have in top priority).

Per Justice Essuman, a member of the project team, the students’ potential knowledge in robotics coupled with their training in technical engineering is so powerful we can only imagine the extent of the impact they will be making in the time to come.

The launch was a success. It started with an info session that introduced the students to the unbound world of autonomy. A short session that involved an exhibit of programmed robots was held and the project team was able to elicit ideas from the students on how they believed they could make an impact with robotics.

Although very few female students were present at the launch – an event the team attributed to a lack of interest and stereotypical inclinations-  measures were put in place to involve and engage the female population of the institution.

Authorities of the ATTC provided the needed support and authorization to ensure the project delivers operatively. Tech-Era also presented the newly established club with a Robotics kit that was to be utilized during their practice sessions.

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