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Tech-Era – AIX 2017 Professional Development Bootcamp Report

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On the 7th of August 2017, Tech Era started a boot camp for the participants of the annual Ashesi Innovation Experience (AIX).

AIX is an annual high school enrichment program that takes high school students from all over the world through Robotics, Entrepreneurship and (now) Engineering programs. Find more on AIX here.

The boot camp was initially structured for students who lacked adequate exposure to ICT tools and could not, as a result, effectively use the computer. However, after realizing that all but 4 of the participants had an ample amount of IT skills and were conversant with using the computer, the objectives of the boot camp were redesigned:

  • Introduce participants to technological tools that will help build their professional careers
  • Improve the data analysis and research skills of the participants
  • Impart technological skills to students who had received little or no exposure to technological tools.


On the first day of the boot camp, the Tech-Era team in charge introduced the participants to ‘typing club’ – an online platform that allows users to create accounts so they can always practice and improve their typing skills. The platform provides performance-tracking features that kept the participants abreast with the progress they were making. After, the participants were taking through activities that introduced them to creating their résumés and building their professional profiles. 50 students participated in the boot camp on the first day and so, to enhance student-computer interactions, additional computers were provided.

On the second day, participants started creating their personal resumes in the Microsoft Word application. They also created their LinkedIn accounts and updated their profiles with the information they had produced on their résumés.  At the end of the session, the Tech Era team sent out a CV template to the participants, along with some CV-appropriate action words to help them enhance their résumés.
The team held 3 separate sessions with the participation of a total of 45 students. The first two sessions bordered on the creation of CVs and professional profiles and were intended for students who were already familiar with using the computer. The last session took participants who were not technologically adept through basic computer features and functionalities like the click and drag-and-drop functions of the mouse and a few others on the keyboard.



On the third day of the boot camp, the students were introduced to the Excel application and its data analysis features. The participants went through how graphs were used to illustrate and interpret data in Excel. The Tech Era team also led them through a series of other functionalities that were present in the Excel application and were relevant to data analysis. The ‘beginners’ class, on the other hand, were introduced to the internet and its abilities. The participants learned about search engines, their uses and how relevant they were to enhancing learning experiences.

On the last day of the boot camp, the tech era team discussed the protocols that were to be observed during PowerPoint presentations and emphasized on what was to be done and otherwise when preparing for a presentation while the ‘beginners’ class continued exploring the internet and search engines.


The Tech Era team is grateful to the AIX team for giving them an opportunity to impact positively the lives of the participants and are hoping that the little time spent with them has equipped them with valuable tools that will serve them well both now and in the future.

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