Changing Narratives: Joyce Boatemaa Osei-Tutu, Head of Finance Graduates with Summa Cum Laude

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Some students refrain from immersing themselves in their communities because they fear of not being able to keep up with academic performance. Joyce Boatemaa Osei-Tutu, a dedicated member of Tech Era who head the finance team, has changed the narrative and has proven that it is possible to remain committed to serving your community while excelling in your academic work.

In July 2017, Joyce graduated from Ashesi University with a Summa cum laude. She epitomized diligence to the entire Tech Era community by ensuring that we were sound financially to equip students from less privileged communities with quality lessons in ICT and robotics. While Tech Era is dedicated to celebrating the efforts of our team to bridge the wide inequality with access to technology, Tech Era also celebrate academic successes of its team members.

Tech Era Finance team
Joyce Boatemaa Osei-Tutu

As the head of the finance team, it was her duty to request for funds from the school, keep records of the organization’s income and expenditure, and serve as a financial counselor to Tech Era. She was true to the principles of pursuit and worked hard to make sure that the team never lacked. She always motivated her team and tasked them with ensuring that the entire Tech Era community, especially the beneficiaries, were happy with the kind of treatment they received. Her level of integrity intertwined with her humble personality caused her to put in measures which ensured that we could account for any amount that is spent or received.

“I would have loved to do more but the pressure in final year in Ashesi limited my inputs and prevented me from meeting my targets I set for myself and my team” – Joyce indicated in an interview. However, Joyce’s work with tech Era has only begun and trust that Tech Era would not be let down. She has creative ideas about ways to move the team forward and Tech Era is confident in her relentless efforts.

It takes compassion, sacrifice and diligence to remain committed to serving your community and performing well academically at the same time. It is important to note that leadership is service.

To help Tech Era move forward, she’s working towards an alternative means of funding the organization’s activities. Joyce demonstrates the potential for students to be very good academically and also give back and serve their communities. “This requires compassion, sacrifice and diligence” as Joyce stated. Joyce and Josephine were the only seniors who were part of the Tech Era team in 2017.

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