Tech Era Congratulates Its Loyal Strategist : Josephine Adjoa Dorbaa Arthur

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Josephine Arthur, a recent graduate of Ashesi University is a goal oriented team player in Tech Era and the head of its partnership development team. Josephine who joined the team in 2016 despite being in her final year, initiated strategies for Tech Era to scale up and and be sustainable. She was tasked with getting sponsors and getting people interested in being a part of Tech Era. She also came up with policies, constitution and partnership agreement contracts for the organization and she is currently one of the team leaders for the Tech Era robotics clubs in the technical senior high schools project. As the head of partnership development, Josephine maintained and established relationships with donors and partners of Tech Era.

Josephine Arthur

The journey, for her, was a learning ground as she stated. She believes she’s learned a lot and has grown and developed her passion for education and helping children. She realizes, however, that she needed more than just her passion to make an impact – she needed to be creative and an an avid team-player and and being in Tech Era inspired her to learn and do what she has always wanted to do.

We are very proud of Josephine for graduating successfully from Ashesi University and Tech Era team wishes her well in her next steps. She is always going to be part of the Tech Era family and the foundation she laid through her efforts will serve as a firm support for structures which will ensure that every child in Africa speaks the IT language.


I have matured since I joined the organization and I am hoping to learn more through Tech-Era. I am happy to be a part of a team that changes the lives of people and I personally find this fulfilling.

Moving forward, Josephine who is now working with one of the reputable organizations in Ghana is still driven by her love for the organization to support anytime the organization reaches out to her. She has a desire to see a replication of the kind of impact Tech-Era has initiated in many other schools across the country and, in due time, the continent.

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