Gender misrepresentation: A Luxury we cannot afford in STEM

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“We need all hands on deck, and that means clearing hurdles for women and girls as they navigate careers in science, technology, engineering and math” -Michelle Obama

Tech Era is dedicated to the principle that women are indispensable in facilitating technological advancements just as much as facts are indispensable in science or engineering in the creation of fighter jets.

Arbitrary customs have rendered the pursuance of scientific and technological careers by women hectic, but many radical movements have broken such conventions in many places and Tech-Era is proud to be an advocator for that kind of change. The organization currently has a fairly even distribution of male and female beneficiaries and commits itself to developing the females under the same supervisory and tutoring conditions as the males.

Tech-Era believes that involving women in technology introduces diverse perspectives that are needed to drive innovation and ensure betterment of their lives and communities, not only qualitatively but quantitatively.

The organization also believes that females have just as much rights to influence inevitable trends like technological feats just as males do since it affects all, regardless of gender. Denying them of this right is a great injustice.

Therefore, Tech Era is committed to ensuring Gender Equality in modules and encouraging more women to pursue Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. About 53 percent of the total population of students trained are women.

“Our mode of recruitment does not give us total control of the gender parity of the students. However, the organization intentionally requests that, principals should add more women to every cohort that is recruited for training even if it requires that we have students from lower classes other than the JHS 2 students we normally recruit” – Derick Omari.

Immanuella Duke, our human resource officer added that, “it is sad to see very few women in rural schools in our country. Men are always dominating. We worked with one school and they only had 2 women out of 12 students in a class. How will these girls participate in class?

We live in a patriarchal society which is even exhibited in the classroom because of how our men have been brought up. This is what we want to do to bridge the unjust equilibrium. I am very passionate about women in STEM and as a computer science student, I have a responsibility to ensure that there are more women in the field.”

Technology is advancing at a rapid pace and nations, especially developing ones, cannot afford to inhibit the advancement of women in the aforementioned field. Countries need all the help they can get to make them competitive and infamous on global stages and this assertion doesn’t rule out the input of females.

Nations cannot afford to lose out on the numerous great minds that could fuel and even spear-head technological revolutions due to gender misrepresentations. Ghana cannot afford that “luxury”.

It cannot be said emphatically enough how inhibiting (and needless to say, archaic) it is to limit and discourage females from building interests and pursuing careers in technology. If we consign to our nation’s development, then it is inadvertently imperative that we support the education of the girl child and initiate and support movements that crave the indulgence of females in science and technology.

(Tech Era Communications Team)

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