I am the Solution to Africa’s Challenges and I will become greater than Dr. Sarfo Kantanka. Meet George, an 18 Year old who looks forward to change the narrative of Africa with his inventions

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George Sarfo Addo is a Tech Era beneficiary who believes he has the solution to Africa’s challenges with his Inventions and will become even greater than Dr. Sarfo Kantanka. One will say it is a coincidence he is also called Sarfo. George believes he is inspired to do more by the name he has. George has built a number of robots and cars that move with and without a controller; without any formal education or assistance in any form. He states that, it is a gift he has nurtured since he was 10.

George is a second-year student in Accra Technical Training Center (ATTC), studying Motor Vehicle Engineering. Read his story and learn about how Tech Era has empowered him to be a leader and a problem solver in his community…

I am 18 years old and I love to create things like robots, toy cars, etc. but I have been faced with a lot of challenges in trying to achieve my dream. I live with my single mom and 3 other siblings and this sometimes makes it very difficult for my mom to cater for us.

I started my journey of creating robots when I was in primary 6. I started building a car but I couldn’t yet control it with a remote. But with consistent practice, I have several creations that include different types of toy cars, wooden robots in human forms and many others.

Fortunately, when Tech Era started its program, I was enrolled as a beneficiary. I knew nothing about using the computer initially but now, thanks to Tech-Era, I can boldly say I can use the computer effectively and program a robot. This was a massive addition to my knowledge because I began to think about how much more I could do and how I could make my creations much more special.

With their help, I am assured of achieving my dream. I am currently learning to use sensors in the robots that I build by using Arduino’s. I am also learning a lot about electronics, which has given me a deeper insight into what I want to do. Tech-Era also empowers me to become a leader in my community.

I went to Accra Technical Training Center(ATTC) through the help of Ashesi University College and I am very grateful for their support. When I went to ATTC, I met many other people who were also interested in learning about what I did. So I have thought of starting a Robotics Club in the school but I will really need help from Tech Era to make it a success.

Also, because I realize that most of the people have no idea of what they want to do after their Junior High School education, I plan on initiating a mentorship program for such people. I believe I can transform this continent with my inventions. I look forward to increasing my knowledge and getting the support to reach my destination.

Tech Era is an IT literacy program that does not only empower students by helping them develop the most important skill needed in the world today, but develops their potentials to become leaders who will cause a change in their community.

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