Meet Kofi Anamoa Mensah, Tech Module Lead Tutor

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The short piece below is about a love and drive for Tech-Era; an auto-biographical excerpt from the life of a valuable member of the Tech-Era community – Kofi Anamoa Mensah (Tech-Module Lead Tutor).

My name is Kofi Anamoa Mensah, a junior at Ashesi University College. I am an Electrical engineering student with interests in Computer networks, security and web technology. I am currently a Web developer and I like to seek new opportunities to challenge and improve as an individual.

I live by a general belief that each day, once you are granted life, is an opportunity to learn something new.

My actions and interest are guided by three values: love, family, and growth.

With the continuous growth and innovations being made daily in the fields of science and technology, there is a growing demand for technologically inclined individuals with the ability to learn fast. As a child, my parent’s careers in banking and software granted me the early privilege of interacting with a computer and figuring out its capabilities. Tech-Era’s mission to provide underprivileged students with the necessary expose and skills needed to survive in the fast-growing world of technological advancements makes it the idle place for me to impact and give back to society.

This is mainly why I am the lead of Tech Era’s Tech module, which focuses on teaching and impacting students with necessary tricks and hands-on skills needed to survive in the growing digital world.

My main goal for the students I teach is to equip them with the skill of self-learning. In this fast growing technological world, the ability to learn and explore new concepts on your own, using resources such as the internet and e-books is a necessary skill one must acquire.

My aim is not to be remembered, but for my impact to influence generations ahead.

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