Who We Are?

Our vision is to create an Africa where IT is a local language.

To do this, the organization mobilizes resources and directs all efforts towards imparting technological knowledge in the underprivileged through a "Holistic teaching and learning experience" to equip young individuals in rural areas with skills that will enable them compete on a leveled playing field in a competitive world.

Our activities and efforts are centered around these Core Values:

  • Impact
  • Integrity
  • Innovation

What We Do?

Tech Era is an IT literacy program that introduces the young and underprivileged to technology, to give them the needed hope and potential to transform themselves, their community and, ultimately, the world whilst increasing their chances of securing and managing revolutionary technology-related careers

  • Giving practical IT education to students
  • Training tutors to effectively teach ICT in schools using a design-thinking and problem-solving approach
  • Developing ethical and compassionate leaders who are passionate about making real changes in their communities.
97% of beneficiaries had never used emails prior to the program
Reach out to, at least, 4000 students by 2021
52% of our first batch of students were females
100% of our team members are college students

Tech Era Documentary (Full)

Recent Updates

First Tech-Era Guided Robotics Club Launched In ATTC

We, at Tech-Era, have always sought for nation-wide impact and although most of our current activities are restricted to Berekuso and its surrounding areas, we just took a step to realize the sought-after impact. The Tech-Era robotics club, the first of the 12 the organization will be establishing over time and throughout Ghana, was launched […]

AIX 2017

Tech-Era – AIX 2017 Bootcamp Report

On the 7th of August 2017, Tech Era started a boot camp for the participants of the annual Ashesi Innovation Experience (AIX). AIX is an annual high school enrichment program that takes high school students from all over the world through Robotics, Entrepreneurship and (now) Engineering programs. Find more on AIX here. The boot camp […]

Tech Era Works with Melton Fellows to Solve 3:1 Student-Computer ratio in Rural Schools in Ghana

Tech-Era participated in the 2017 Melton Foundation Global Citizenship Conference in Ghana under the theme “What is the role of a global citizen in a world that is in flux?” Ashesi University College hosted this year’s Global Citizenship Conference and Tech-Era was privileged to partake in its two-day design thinking session. These sessions were aimed […]

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What our stakeholders say

As a teacher, I have always had difficulty in teaching ICT as a subject in school because there are no materials for the students to use. It is always theoretical because there is only one laptop available. Tech Era has given my students the opportunity to have access to computers and how the tutors teach my students with humility and so much care is amazing. I have personally learnt a lot even as a teacher and it is incredible to see the enthusiasm with which students climb the hills of Ashesi for the sessions.

Sir Frederick ICT teacher, Fidelity International School

“While an IT initiative is not necessarily a novel project at Ashesi (many have ben short-lived), the angle Tech Era has employed is quite ingenious.
Rather than just focusing on the basic skills needed to be computer literate, the students from Berekuso are given tasks that challenge them to think critically and apply themselves in a variety of ways. An example is one project I saw, where they were tasked to use Paint, an illustrations software, to create their own stories. Such projects not only improve the literacy of the children, but also but also encourage them to think broadly about solving problems”.

Michael Quansah Public Relations Officer, Ashesi University College

I appreciate what you and your guys have done for us since you started this program. We can see you guys have good intentions for us and may God bless all Ashesi students.

Emmanuel Darko Particpant, Berekuso Junior High School

Our Modules

Tech Module

Tech module is the first phase of Tech Era. In this phase students are given basic tutorial in IT by introducing them to use of Microsoft office application like word application, paint application, power point and excel. They also learn to use search engines and learn how to communicate using the internet. Students who exhibit high interest in this phase are moved to the second phase called Robotek module. (more…)

Robotek Module

This is a robotics phase where students are given tutoring in robotics and problem solving skills to raise more IT professionals to bring innovative solutions to the problems in Africa. This builds the problem solving and team working skills of students and get them to appreciate Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. (more…)

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